When your mind is overflowing with more ideas than you know what to do with, how do you sort through the noise to find the gems? Creativity is a free-flowing process that shouldn’t be restricted, but if you want to actually take action on those ideas, you need to establish a structure to transform thinking into doing. In this new episode, Dave and Chris discuss how implementing a daily structure empowered them to embrace their active minds AND be able to take action consistently. They cover practices that you can do at home RIGHT NOW to determine your long-term game plan, what EVERYONE needs in their life to determine if an idea they’re passionate about is actually good, and THREE questions that will help you see through the trap of perfectionism and LOVE action, no matter how imperfect.

In This Episode:

  • If you’re someone whose brain is almost constantly drumming up ideas, what do you do? First off, you’ll want to implement THESE simple at-home practices that will ENCOURAGE your creativity, not shun it. Then, you need to ask yourself THIS question to determine your longer-term strategy.
  • In the beginning of Chris’s career, he was often left feeling burnt out and not much to show for it. If you’ve experienced this too, then you NEED listen to Chris and Dave explain WHY this approach failed AND what they do now to only let the truly remarkable ideas float to the surface.
  • Let’s say that you have this awesome idea that you’re jazzed about. Does that mean it’s automatically a good one? Your passion for your idea is powerful, but if you want to be SURE that your idea will succeed, a little of THIS for every new idea will help others feel that passion, too.
  • Now that you’ve nailed down a genuinely good idea, what happens when perfectionism rears its ugly head? To avoid the internal doubts and actually take ACTION, ask yourself these THREE simple questions that will eliminate the unknowns, hone in your focus, and give you the confidence necessary to push forward.

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