If you’re someone who wants to ditch the 9 to 5 and create your OWN career, the journey is more than “work 18 hours until something happens”. In essence, in trying to escape one rat race, you may place yourself in another. So, how do you find that happy balance where you’re making strides in creating your own destiny without letting the work consume you? On this new episode, Dave and Chris bring on Cary Jack, an entrepreneur, author, podcast host, professional actor/model, biohacker, and eco-warrior. The three dive DEEP into where your focus should be if you want to see REAL long-term results, a foundational shift happening RIGHT NOW in cities that could be YOUR key to financial freedom, and Cary’s “3 P’s” that have allowed him to BREAK the cycle of constant work, take back his career, and “put the happy back in the hustle”.

In This Episode:

  • Burnout is so powerful that, even after nailing a seven-figure deal with top-tier companies, Cary gave it all up to visit Thailand where he discovered THIS philosophy that’s been his SECRET WEAPON to fulfillment.
  • Isn’t the “hustle” about reading hundreds of books per year and bragging about it on social media? Not so fast. Instead of seeing learning as the sole achievement, if you can switch your focus to THIS instead, you’ll begin seeing REAL results in your life and not care about anyone else’s opinion.
  • With so many people feeling lost and asking “What’s my purpose in life?”, you NEED to hear Cary Jack explain his “3 P’s” checklist that is CRUCIAL in committing to a life path that will make you feel TRULY fulfilled, not just a temporary buzz.
  • One of Cary’s 10 alignments is about a connection to nature, but what lies beneath is THIS fundamental shift in our economy that’s allowing more people to find TRUE freedom, but only if they make some BIG changes first.

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