In light of the recent U.S. Capitol riots, people around the world have shared their interpretation of WHY the events happened. Whatever your politics may be, this episode is NOT about which policies are “correct” or blaming one side of the political aisle. Instead, we want to ask this simple but powerful question: Do you lead yourself, or does another person/idea lead you from the shadows? In this new episode, Dave and Chris dive deep into the issues of leadership, charisma, and much more. They cover what the riot revealed about PEOPLE (and not just politics), the HUGE lessons that we can learn from Trump REGARDLESS of his policies, and the TRUTH behind self-leadership and making ACTUAL progress as people and a country.

In This Episode:

  • The storming of the U.S. Capitol was an act of violence and deplorable in and of itself, but it reveals even more about THIS quality of people than just the country’s state of politics.
  • Why does it seem like different sides of the political aisle just can’t seem to understand the other side? Ultimately, it comes down to people neglecting this ONE quality in their life that would enable them to silence the noise and think for themselves, which would help people see more similarities than differences.
  • Even if you despise Trump as a person and policymaker, writing him off as a “crazy person” is too simplistic. Instead, by listening closely and absorbing THESE crucial lessons from him, we can use those forces for good and help more people think freely.
  • When the world feels like it’s burning to the ground and is in DESPERATE need of new leadership, what’s the solution? The go-to answer is often “help others”, but before you settle with that, you NEED to hear Dave explain WHY that answer misses a HUGE part of self-leadership, which usually ends up helping more people in the long run.

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