Are you doing EVERYTHING in your business?

There are tasks in your business that are just “busy work” and then there are your HIGH LEVERAGE tasks… tasks that only you can do with your unique ability… YOUR ROCKS.

Today, Dave & Chris will show you how to determine what your BIG ROCKS are and how to identify, delegate and/or outsource/eliminate from your schedule so you can focus on what grows your business and puts money in the bank.

The guys talk about their general disdain for traditional “meetings” in the workplace, the need for entrepreneurs to stay creative and why building processes within your business is so important to your productivity (and sanity).

When somebody asks you, “hey, how’s it going?”, is your default answer something like, “Busy. I’m so crazy busy.”?

The life of an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be that way.

In this episode of the DBN podcast, Dave & Chris pull from their athletic & sports backgrounds and break down 3 essential principles that will double your productivity and will help you get MORE done in less time.

You’ll learn how to adjust your workload & tasks according to your energy levels; how to plan your day, week and quarter according to the Effic Methodology and how to recover and restore your energy so you can approach each day with the same focus.