Let’s get honest here: Is it possible to have a fulfilling marriage while running a successful business? Contrary to what public breakups or other more cynical entrepreneurs may tell you, it is! However, that doesn’t mean it happens overnight. A marriage, just like anything worthwhile, requires patience and a commitment to show up every single day, no matter how hard it feels sometimes. On this new episode, Dave and Chris invite their wives on the show to discuss the ONE thing you need to keep aligned with each other to weather any storm, how to incorporate “couple time” no matter how busy you are, and THE MOST IMPORTANT WORD in any marriage or business. No one said this stuff was easy, but that means it’s worth it.

In This Episode:

  • What happens when the marriage doesn’t seem as happy and effortless as it did in the beginning? Martial struggles are VERY real, but if you remember to keep THIS aligned with each other, the storm clouds shall pass.
  • Every person’s parenting style is unique, but once you realize how THESE TWO people have a subconscious influence on your parenting even today, you’ll be able to make the choice between continuing old patterns or creating your own path.
  • When your lives get swept up in career and/or kids, it can be easy to forget the magic of spending “couple time” together. If you find yourself in this place, listen to THESE easy ways to incorporate couple time into your daily or weekly routine, totally customizable to YOUR life!
  • So, what’s the secret to marriage, entrepreneurship, health, and life in general? It comes down to this SINGLE word, and when those “for worse” moments happen, it’ll guide you to the other side.

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