Is starting a business as easy as all the gurus online claim it is? Anyone CAN start a business, but if anyone tries to sell you on THEIR ebook or claim that you have to be working CONSTANTLY to find success, cover your ears. On this new episode, Dave and Chris sit down with the godfather of marketing, Ryan Lee, to talk about how Ryan has built multiple successful brands over two decades WITHOUT burning himself out or obsessing over the latest social media trends. Ryan dives into his “secret sauce” that helps him get and KEEP customers forever, what Ryan eventually realized is ACTUALLY important in life AND business, and the ONE lesson that keeps people from accomplishing anything but tricks them into believing they are. Full disclosure: We already know the answer!

In This Episode:

  • The business world is chock full of “all heart” or “all smart” entrepreneurs, but is it possible to give graciously AND keep the lights on? By following Ryan’s “secret sauce”, you’ll quickly understand why Ryan continues to acquire and KEEP customers for years to come.
  • Some popular entrepreneurs love to tout “be everywhere” and “hustle or die” to find success in a saturated market, but that’s only a recipe for burnout. If you’re more interested in being kind to yourself AND delivering value to long-term customers, listen to THIS CRUCIAL point that helps Ryan sleep well at night and wake up energized.
  • So many people love to play the part, but to actually BUILD something in your life, it doesn’t require the latest hacks or reading 17 books on your mindset. It comes down to THIS ONE lesson, and once you learn it, stop learning and go DO something!
  • If your latest Instagram post only gets three likes, will that haunt you on your deathbed? If your answer is “No”, then you’ll agree with Ryan that THIS is what’s truly important in life, no matter what.

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