There’s no instructional manual for running a business, but there ARE systems that, when put in place, serve as a guide in the right direction. In this new episode, Dave sits down with entrepreneur and EOS implementer, Mark Henderson, about how the EOS entrepreneurial system has helped SO many business owners discover their weaknesses, double-down on their strengths, and light the path. They discuss how THESE two critical but opposite roles need to interact with each other, how to leverage the “Five Leadership Abilities” to always push through roadblocks, and the ONE rule that helps Mark stay grounded and remember the reasons he’s an entrepreneur in the first place.

In This Episode:

  • Why the EOS’s “Five Leadership Abilities” are CRUCIAL for not getting stuck when you inevitably “hit the ceiling” throughout your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Your children may have your DNA, but they are NOT you. Instead of seeing your business as an extension of you, think of it like THIS, and you’ll be setting up your business for self-sufficiency and sustainability.
  • The KEY difference between these two opposite but fundamental roles that holds the secret to turning any “lightbulb moment” into REAL action.
  • Mark and Dave agree that, to drive any business forward and stay the course, you NEED to establish a certain polarity between these TWO CRITICAL roles. Once you do, the business will stay innovative AND sustainable.
  • If you got anything from this episode, remember Mark’s “One Rule” that can be the deciding factor between progress versus running off the rails.

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