If you’re a parent, you’ll relate to this next sentence: Raising a family can be hard. So, as imperfect people, how do we show up for ourselves AND our kids every single day? In this new episode, Dave talks to Chris and Rozanne Lopez about why family and career chaos motivated them to write down their NON-negotiable values and live by them daily. They discuss how the simple act of writing their statement was the much NEEDED FUNDAMENTAL change amidst the chaos, the TRULY EFFECTIVE way to deal out punishment, and how Rozanne and Chris revealed their mission statement to their children and created a beautiful “lightbulb moment” that shines to this day.

In This Episode:

  • In a time of family and career chaos, Chris and Rozanne Lopez lay out WHY a family mission statement was CRITICAL in reaffirming their core values AND regaining much deserved stability, especially with five kids!
  • If you’re passionate about crafting your own mission statement and sharing it with your kids, then you need to hear how Rozanne and Chris created a “lightbulb moment” for their children and have kept it shining bright ever since.
  • When the Lopez family committed to THIS family activity EVERY day, their persistence in encouraging communication paid off and created an environment of openness and looking up at each other, not down at phones.
  • As powerful as a mission statement may be, what happens when a child disobeys? Discipline can be tempting to dish out often, but if you want it to be effective AND encourage openness between family members, listen to WHY the Lopez family singles THIS out at the WORST thing their children could do.

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