Are you defined by your past actions, or is every day a new opportunity to carve your place in history? It’s easy to get bogged down by your past mistakes, but ultimately, your life is defined by what you do TODAY, nothing else. On this new episode, Dave talks with previous business partner and official BFF, Matt Gallant,  about how Matt survived addiction and went on to build an eight-figure business, all while continuing to push his limits AND practice daily gratitude. They discuss how doing “nothing” and practicing the “serenity prayer” are crucial to finding quiet in a noisy world, why Matt is thankful for the toughest years of his life, and the ONE subject that Matt studies vigorously to stay hungry and grateful.

In This Episode:

  • What the “Serenity Prayer” and doing “nothing” can teach us about how to eliminate distractions, calm our minds, and focus on what REALLY matters to us. In a noisy world, we need quiet.
  • Instead of feeling bitter or resentful of his years of drug addiction, Matt explains WHY he’s grateful for them helping him become more grounded and achieve both personal and business success years later.
  • Matt Gallant is a man who’s gone DEEP into a laundry list of topics, but out of the MANY disciplines that he’s explored, Matt credits THIS as being outright life-changing.
  • Matt went from drug addiction to building a company up to eight figures, but what was the secret hack or trend he followed? None! Instead, listen to how Matt used “skill stacking” in order to build his repertoire AND discover his “superpower”.

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