Back in the days of printed map directions and those huge monitors, the internet wasn’t what we take for granted nowadays. Not only was the internet smaller scale, but people weren’t making livings off of it like they are now. To transform your passion into a career on the internet 15-20 years ago was unheard of, but the people who figured it out were pioneers, and that’s EXACTLY what today’s guest did. On this new episode, Dave and Chris interview the OG of online bodybuilding coaching, Lee Hayward. The three discuss the GOLDEN opportunity that Lee saw in those early days that radically transformed his life, the philosophy that’s allowed him to relate to his customers in a genuine way, and Lee’s ONE crucial piece of advice for STICKING to your journey, no matter what life throws your way.

In This Episode:

  • Before the days of YouTube and Google, finding bodybuilding information was few and far between. When Lee saw THIS approaching opportunity, he was able to be one of the PIONEERS of the internet, paving the way for what we now take for granted!
  • Even if you make the sale, that isn’t the end of the story. When people didn’t know how to navigate the online space, Lee found that going the EXTRA MILE for his first few customers was the difference between fading away and becoming a stepping stone for online commerce.
  • If you want to know Lee’s secret to CONSISTENTLY providing value to people online, his “sitting at the same side of the table” philosophy is EXACTLY how he’s been able to shift his focus while maintaining his passion throughout the decades.
  • For someone with so much bodybuilding experience who ALSO is an imperfect human being, listen to Lee explain his ONE TRIED AND TRUE piece of advice for making and SUSTAINING progress throughout your life.

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