Money. That word can cause an avalanche of feelings in people, and no wonder. There are countless opinions flying around about what, where, and how to spend your money, leaving people feeling lost and anxious. Some people strive to have $100 million in the bank and five cars, whereas others would rather spend that money on experiences. Ultimately, money is the vehicle for YOUR life, not its destination. On this new episode, Dave and Chris discuss how to make the most out of your money, not how to make the most money. They cover how Chris’s family of seven undertakes the “100 Day Challenge” to stay on top of their expenses, important routines that have saved Dave THOUSANDS per year, and THE key mental shift that will empower you to reduce waste in ALL areas of your life.

In This Episode:

  • Want to begin your journey to financial efficiency and minimalism TODAY? Listen to how the “100 Things Challenge” allows the Lopez family to keep clutter at bay and shrink their expenses, even with five kids!
  • Don’t let scaling down make your anxiety go up! If you can remember THIS phrase, you’ll make the CRUCIAL mental shift for reducing waste in ALL areas of your life.
  • Once Chris and Dave implemented THESE yearly routines, they saw THOUSANDS in savings and put that money toward EXPERIENCES, not stuff.
  • It’s easy to prioritize saving dollars above all else, but the secret to financial independence is more than that. Above all, by practicing THIS skill and using THIS parameter to decide where to spend your money, you’ll never waste another dollar.

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