If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that genuine human connection is both in high demand and more important than ever. So, how can we apply the lessons learned about ourselves and our economy in 2021, especially if you’re trying to finally build that business or freelance career? In this new episode, Dave and Chris dissect the approach that allowed them to foster deep, long lasting relationships and create businesses on their terms, pandemic or not. They warn us against seeing entrepreneurship as a finish line, how to avoid the temptation of the “business dick pic”, and the simple but fundamental reason why Mom and Pop shops are able to create customers for life. Spoiler alert: It’s not multi-million dollar ad campaigns or influencer marketing.

In This Episode:

  • Learn the SECRET behind why Mom and Pop shops hold loyal customers for decades and how you can deploy it TODAY to make 2021 your best year yet.
  • Ever felt like companies treat you like a number? You’re definitely not alone. Listen to Dave break down THIS positive trend in business, plus what he and Chris do to create loyal customers for life, every time.
  • Making money online is easier than ever before, but it’s not a finish line to cross. If you’re finding yourself in a rat race, listen to Chris break down what creating your own career REALLY means.
  • The ONE crucial question Dave asks himself before starting ANY new relationship. Spoiler alert: It’s NOT “how much money can I make from them?”
  • How to avoid sending your “business dick pic” and instead build your business based on THIS core truth, not instant gratification.

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