If you’ve ever questioned how much you actually learned in school, you’re not alone. More and more people are challenging the effectiveness of traditional education, but what’s the alternative? Is homeschooling a viable option, especially if you’re an entrepreneur? On this new episode, Dave sits down with co-host Chris Lopez and his wife, Rozanne, to discuss how they’ve homeschooled a household of FIVE children. Rozanne tells the story of how ONE phrase convinced them to make the switch, why all learning needs to involve the “Nerdy Dopamine Rush”, and how raising empathetic and independent children starts with raising yourself.

In This Episode:

  • Worried that your homeschooling curriculum won’t be up to snuff? Listen to why the Lopez family does NOT care about the outcome of learning yet their kids’ reading levels are grades above their classmates’.
  • The ONE phrase that convinced the Lopez family to make the switch and how its simple yet POWERFUL lesson allowed the children to become more socially intelligent and creatively independent than their peers.
  • The Lopez family’s unorthodox approach to learning that has been the “greatest gift” for them and made learning fast AND fun!
  • Why teaching your kids THIS, instead of what to learn, is the KEY to creativity, independence, and the “Nerdy Dopamine Rush”.
  • How is it that so many people buy every parenting book out there yet still struggle with raising children? If you can remember that children naturally do THIS whenever they’re with you, then you’ll realize that parenting doesn’t start with a book.

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