In a world full of entrepreneurs telling each other to scale their business because “that’s what you do”, can you choose a different path? How do you build a business that can SUSTAIN itself for years to come, escaping the rat race and guaranteeing you financial freedom and peace of mind? In this new episode, Dave and Chris lay out how to approach building, marketing, and leadership in your business to prioritize LONGEVITY, allowing its mission to carry on for years to come and give you the financial empowerment you deserve.

In This Episode:

  • If you want your marketing to CAPTIVATE readers, it has to do THIS first
  • Dave’s no-nonsense two-year strategy to start building a self-driving business TODAY
  • Why being the “flag bearer” of a brand is CRUCIAL for success, no matter its focus
  • Worried about moving on and leaving your business out to dry? Practice THESE lessons in leadership and communication to ensure your company’s longevity forever
  • Instead of scaling your business because “you should”, consider THIS option that will give you FREEDOM and peace of mind

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