Episode 2 – How to Achieve More Freedom When You’re an Ambitious Entrepreneur. In this episode, Dave & Chris talk about the 3 Types of Freedoms that you achieve with Entrepreneurship and the pluses & downsides to each.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • [3:11] Dave (6’2”, 250lbs) and his irrational fear of insects
  • [8:50] Freedom, and the appeal of entrepreneurship; what types of “freedoms” does entrepreneurship give you
  • [11:25] Dave talks about the type of freedom entrepreneurs really want
  • [15:55] How the guys view Money and Financial Freedom
  • [24:00] The reality of the “3 Freedoms” and your ability to counter-balance your priorities


Herbert the Pervert Hotline Bling – https://youtu.be/Zv_sq3tcgrU

Kalon Surf Camp in Costa Rica – KalonSurf.com

Dave’s Instagram –  https://Instagram.com/Effic.Co

Chris’ Instagram – https://Instagram.com/TheAlphaDad

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